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Poem: The Train Leaves At Quarter To 15

Posted in Creative Writing
on January 18, 2017


The train leaves at quarter to 15.


Till then feel free to happa and bappa,

tippa and lippa.


If you want you can hoppa and boppa,

toppa and loppa,


But do not…

For your own good trust me when I say



Talk to any Kizitiriz,

and definitely no Libdibs either.


Especially beside the Maclivio near the station.


It is dangerous this time of night.


They will appear to be nice and friendly.

They’ll charm you with their scritam,

and dipdam,


Gift you with Zip Zap and Lic Lav.


Take away your Pispas,

Leave you with no Tris tras.


Before you know it you’re cadoding.

Trapped in a Werdoding.


You don’t want to miss the last ever train at quarter to 15.

Or you’ll never get home.

Poem: Mama

Posted in Creative Writing
on January 18, 2017

You arrived kicking and screaming,

The day we were spl-

it in two.

Eyes firmly shut,

shut, like glue.


We feared the unknown,

Me and you.

From your first day of school

to the day you say I do.


I fear the day,

He tears your heart right through.

Because mama won’t wait for God

to break him in two.